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Student profile

Justin Olnes

Justin Olnes, a master’s student in the Department of Biology and Wildlife, is one of CGC’s 2014 awardees—selected for funding through this year’s Global Change Student Research Grant Competition for his project “Vulnerability of white spruce to climate change and herbivory by snowshoe hares: a retrospective analysis.” Although relatively new to UAF, with his passion for wilderness and frontier communities, and a penchant for adventure, Justin is finding himself right at home in Interior Alaska. Read Justin's full profile and view previous student profiles.

Global Change Student Grant Competition

One of the Center's major activities is the annual Global Change Student Research Grant Competition, which has funded nearly 250 graduate and undergraduate research projects since its inception in 1992.

Competition update

The 2015 competition guidelines will be released in early fall 2014. If you wish to be notified when they are posted, please send an email to with the subject line "2015 competition guidelines".

Keep an eye on this space for updates, deadlines, and announcements or visit the Global Change Student Research Grant Competition.